Barre Exam

With Anna Orbison

In this collection of Barre classes Anna Orbison takes you from beginner to advanced! Barre incorporates elements of dance, yoga, Pilates, and weight lifting to strengthen & tone the muscles and tighten & transform the body. Classes range from beginner to advance each focusing on individual parts of the body – thighs, arms, abs & booty. Anna’s expert instruction supports you in this butt-kicking, calorie burning program. No barre studio required, just a high back chair, table, or counter top and  a pair of light hands weights.


  • 7 Barre Exam Classes (50 – 60 min.)
  • Bonus Tutorial (10 min.)
  • Muscle group targeted sequencing


  • Improve Posture
  • Strengthen & Tone
  • Tighten & Transform