Progressive Yoga Practice

With Caley Alyssa

Take your practice from Intermediate to Advanced in Caley Alyssa‘s 12-class Vinyasa Yoga program, Progressive Yoga Practice. The series offers simple but challenging lessons and a unique approach to advancing your practice. Broken into 4 segments each consisting of 3 classes: 2 Vinyasa classes and a workshop. Learning in this format moves you from intermediate to advanced. This format introduces you to a set of postures through thoughtful sequencing, then solidifies that posture through a breakdown of all its intricacies and nuances.

12 Classes (60 mins.)

Progressive Yoga Practice includes 4 Segments:

  • Crow, 1-footed Crow, Side Crow
  • Flying Splits, Grasshopper, Flying Pigeon
  • Forearm Stand, Handstand
  • Backbends


  • Progress from intermediate to advanced
  • Learn in a slow focused way