The Holistic Yogi

With Koya Webb

The Holistic Yogi is a 24-class program by Koya Webb designed to be taken over a 2-week period with a day off to rest each week. This program taps into and brings focus to areas of our lives that we often look to improve. Each day you are guided to focus on a different theme, from Confidence to Mental Clarity, to Releasing Fear with an asana class followed by a guided meditation. Asana classes range between beginner to intermediate levels. They are all accessible to yogis with different levels of experience as Koya offers modifications to make poses less challenging and variations to make them more challenging, so you can tailor this program to your individual experience level. If you are new to meditation, these classes are a perfect way to start. After a short sit, these guided meditations are to be experienced laying down in a relaxed position. The way to change is by bringing focus and attention to the areas where we want to experience a shift. The Holistic Yogi offers a structured and inspired, easy to follow plan to do just that!