Zyre Yoga

With Jeff Beaudoin

Zyre Yoga is a 9-class, level 3 concentrated mind-body meditation in motion, combining traditional Power yoga postures with classical military calisthenics done in a vinyasa style. Dr. Jeff Beaudoin coined the term Zyre to mean: “strength derived from within.” He developed Zyre Yoga intent on guiding you to find and own your inner strength, so that you may use it to realize your fullest potential. Each 75-minute class includes power yoga postures, military calisthenics and awareness meditation which are all potent ways to care for and maintain the body and mind.

Zyre Yoga is designed to build immense physical strength and mental equanimity: the capacity to stay calm and happy in the face of even the most challenging moments life presents us. We must remember, however, that the body and mind are simply a means to an end, and to use them as yoga intends: as tools to transcend their limitations. The past is dead and the future doesn’t exist, so Zyre Yoga emphasizes undivided attention to the present moment. Transformation comes from paying attention with detached awareness to what is happening Now – via the body and the breath – while focusing on the quality of our present moment actions. Throughout this program, Dr. Beaudoin routinely reminds us to pay attention fully to what we are doing Now because reality is a present moment experience, and the only life worth living is the one happening Now.

Zyre Yoga practice is physically demanding because there is no growth without challenge. It’s mentally confronting because all transformation begins with the mind. But while consistent Zyre Yoga practice results in dramatically greater degrees of physical and mental energy, strength, stamina, flexibility and balance, our motives in Zyre Yoga are above all spiritual… then emotional, mental and physical – in that order. We begin by using these physically challenging meditative practices done with yogic qualities to cultivate a healthy body and a calm, quiet peaceful mind. We continue on with the ultimate aim of Zyre Yoga practice in mind: spiritual growth and the heart-centered qualities of gratitude, compassion, love and acceptance. While “working out” practice loving and accepting your Self as you are, where you are, with no desire to change. Simply work to be the best version of yourself right Now. Find peace! Isn’t that what life is all about?