Zyre Yoga

With Jeff Beaudoin

Zyre Yoga is a 9-class, level 3 Power Yoga Workout program. It is a concentrated mind-body meditation in motion, combining traditional power yoga postures with classical military calisthenics done in a vinyasa style. Dr. Jeff Beaudoin developed Zyre Yoga intent on guiding you to find and own your inner strength, so that you may use it to realize your fullest potential.

Each 75-minute yoga workout class is designed to build physical strength and mental equanimity: the capacity to stay calm and happy in the face of even the most challenging moments life presents us. Consistent Zyre Yoga practice results in dramatically greater degrees of physical and mental energy, strength, stamina, flexibility, and balance. These physically challenging practices done with yogic qualities to cultivate a healthy body and a calm, quiet peaceful mind. The ultimate aim of the practice is spiritual growth and the heart-centered qualities of gratitude, compassion, love, and acceptance. In this practice, we move toward the best version of ourselves.


  • 9 Power Yoga Classes (75-mins.)
  • Classic Calisthenics
  • Yogic Philosophy


  • Increased Energy & Strength
  • Improved Flexibility & Balance
  • Calm, Peaceful Mind