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Jeff Beaudoin United States of America

Power, Vinyasa, Yin

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Jeff Beaudoin

Jeff Beaudoin began practicing in 1999. Yoga practice is the master teacher, so he’s maintained his personal practice while studying with only two teachers: Bryan Kest and Rudy Mettia, though he continue to glean insights from many others. Bryan taught him a beautiful yogic perspective, experiential understanding, and to be grateful. Rudy taught him safe and effective alignment, immense creative freedom, and the greatest lesson of all: how to laugh at life and myself. Jeff is deeply indebted to each of these men.

In addition to over 6,000 classroom hours teaching yoga, Jeff Beaudoin holds a Doctorate Degree in Natural Health focused in Transpersonal Studies, and 2 undergraduate degrees in Psychology. He has been helping individuals achieve optimum physical and mental wellbeing for over 25 years. Jeff’s classes are versatile, focused, and just like life off the mat: intense, laid-back, relaxed, no-holds barred, easy, hard, comfortable, confronting, and everything in between. Either way, you can always count on receiving everything he’s got to give.

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