By Olivia Janisch

When did being happy become such an uphill battle? Success, prestige, beauty, love – these are the things we live for. Pretty simple, no? As a society, we tend to constantly strive towards these rewards in search of happiness, and, once reached, happiness supposedly reveals itself. However, we’ve all watched as countless celebrities, musicians, and heiresses, who apparently have it all, crash and burn to the depths of drug and alcohol abuse, abusive relationships, and social suicide.

Clearly the equation society would have us believe does not add up.

Knowing all of this, we have an opportunity to redefine what happiness is and how we experience it every day. Are we living in fear or are we living in faith? Do we see our lives as abundant or lacking? We have an opportunity to work hard for the extrinsic rewards such as a nice home and car and travel, but also the opportunity to work for something more. It’s something that we already have, something that just needs to be reconnected to.

The source of our joy, that which we are constantly looking around for, lives within each and every one of us. Our true nature is perfect joy, perfect light, perfect wisdom. Children are born in total perfection. Their heart is pure, their ego does not exist, their joy is abundant. As they grow, the mortal world begins to pull them away from their perfection.

Our job, as time goes on, is to build our consciousness and reconnect to our truth. That’s where our happiness lies. Not in other people. Not in possessions. Not in the future. Right here, right now.

The first part of this, is through what we eat.

Eat real food

When we eat processed food and beverages it numbs the body to its innate wisdom that knows how to thrive. By eating foods that put our bodies into shock – namely refined flours and sugars, artificial sweeteners, GMOs, pesticides, hormone and antibiotic injected meat, and ingredients we can’t pronounce- the body cannot function as it naturally would like to.

The power the body holds to support our mental, physical and emotional health is incredible. When we eat foods that deplete us it interferes with the production of our natural anti-depressants, sleep enhancers, immune boosters and mood elevators, and saps our energy.

Certain foods are particularly good for our emotional and mental health. Fruits are the most spiritual, and because they’re very easily digested the put little wear on our bodies while providing us with lots of vitamins, antioxidants, and nutrients. Eat local and seasonal fruit for the highest benefit. Foods rich in Omega-3s are necessary for the support of mental stability. From memory to mood to focus, omega-3s are a critical part of a balanced and happy mindset. Eat fish oil, avocados, walnuts, olive oil, hemp and flax seeds, and grass fed beef for a daily dose of brain support. This will help you to feel emotionally stable in your daily activities.

Eating whole, pure food from the ground is the most critical and easiest step towards nurturing our higher spirit and our overall happiness.

Part 2: Habits to Support Your Happiness

Photo By Sunset Girl

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