When it comes to milk, there are so many delicious alternatives out there. I love coconut, hemp, and flax milk. If you need help transitioning to the taste and flavor, there are always delicious vanilla options, and even chocolate versions. As you get more comfortable, try and get original or unsweetened versions as those have lower sugar content. When it comes to replacing cheese, it gets a little tricky, as not much can compare to a delicious gruyere or crumbly goat chevre. However, there are awesome companies to try from out there. While transitioning away from dairy, vegan cheeses can help reduce your cravings and can be enjoyed on sandwiches or as quesadillas packed with chopped bell pepper, onion, zucchini, and whatever else you enjoy.

For milk, here’s a quick breakdown:

Almond milk: Foams well, is great for cappuccinos or latt├ęs. Some brands can be very almond tasting so go for the unsweetened for a milder taste.

Hemp milk: Earthy and heavier, great source of protein. Goes well in a smoothie.

Rice milk: Very light, goes well in cereal.

Flax milk: Very light and a great source of fiber. Goes nicely in a matcha tea latte, or macchiato.

Coconut milk: Excellent source of omega-3 essential fatty acids; my favorite to drink by the glass.

Soy milk: People tend to be most familiar with soy milk, it’s usually sweeter and is a good option for cereal, coffee, or smoothies.

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