Kate Lister

Kate Lister is a singer and songwriter based in London. She sang before she could talk – and she sings all of the time. She was classically trained from age 11 and thought she might like to be an opera singer until her late teens, when she finally tired of teachers telling her to stand still whilst she sang and so shifted her attentions fully to jazz, funk, soul, R&B, pop – whatever made her (and allowed her to) really move. She’s been performing and writing songs since she was 10 years old (the era of some of her finest work, without doubt!), recording from age 12, and has travelled about Europe with many brilliant projects and plenty of mad people.

She currently fronts a funk/soul/pop group called The Foo Birds. The band has a loyal fan base, and two albums under their wings. Kate is also a yoga teacher and practices every day. She loves to combine her two passions in studying and teaching the rich relationship between music, performance and yoga.

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