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Sharon Polsky

Sharon Polsky, General Fitness Specialist, is the owner of UNLEASHED Women’s Fitness Studio in Long Beach, California and specializes in weight-loss programs for women. Her programs are available both live in studio and virtual over the internet. Sharon taught her very first Step Aerobics class when she was 16 years old and from that day on was hooked on fitness. Now she is over 40 and has her dream job as the owner of UNLEASHED. You will often hear Sharon say “I have my dream job, my worse day is better than 99% of the people on the planets’ best days. I love what I do!!!”

She has dedicated her life to helping people take control of their health. Through both her online business and studio she has helped 1,000s of clients gain back their health, lose weight, get stronger, and completely change their lives. Her approach is simple and effective. She creates fitness and nutrition plans that involve virtually no counting and she teaches you exactly what you need to do so you can be successful for the rest of your life.

Sharon Polsky has teamed up with UDAYA.com to create videos for her already successful weight-loss programs: UNLEASHED, The 21-day Challenge, Get Toned, and Ballet, Core & More. She has dedicated her life to helping people just like you.

Connect directly with Sharon for support here sharonpolsky@gmail.com