Emily-Clare Hill

An experienced international yoga Instructor, currently based in London. Emily says…Yoga is my passion I believe in all its qualities and lesson’s I incorporate yoga into every aspect of my life.

I also believe in balance and experience two of my favourite words to live by, I like to travel, meet and become a part of new communities and cultures, this is how I learn most about this world myself and this life we’re living.
​Once  feuding yoga off the back of dance study, my passion for yoga just grew and grew; trying many styles of practice and felt they all had something so wonderful to offer. After time I understood that for me, variety and intelligent creativity was what truly sparked my practice and vision. A vinyasa practice allowed me the freedom to find the flow and breath of Astanga, the structure of Iyengar when necessary, and the body mechanics of Anusara.

I have embarked on many training and courses in all aspects and will always continue to study.

Stay connected with her at www.emilyclareyoga.com

Let’s reset and be grateful, this gift of a living breathing body, nurture, nourish and reset. One of my many mantra’s is 


A bit of everything to zap some life back into the body opening up and awaken our entire body with this quick fix energizing flow. Switch


A focused class, to embody our inner samurai, bringing intelligence to our practice through finding calm strength and peace as we flow. F


Be proud of every single part you and allow it to shine through, let the divine light shine and use that to draw the light out of others.


Strengthening glutes practice, it is important to strengthen our glutes not purely for vanity but to help balance and stablalize the pelv


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