Michael James Wong

MICHAEL JAMES WONG is an international yoga teacher born in New Zealand, raised on the beaches of Santa Monica, who now calls London home. His relationship with yoga and physical movement spans over the past two decades and throughout this journey Michael has been lucky enough to travel the world sharing his teaching to all those willing to listen. Always a student first, Michael continues to practice and teach with a powerful body, an open mind and a fearless heart
Michael teaches West Coast Power Yoga, a strong and dynamic union that joins the physical asana with the breath. These days, he aim’s to teach traditional yoga concepts with a modern day approach, whilst still offering space for all students to find their own balance and grounding on and off the mat. Michael is also the founder of BOYS OF YOGA, a project helping to change the perception of yoga for men around the world.
“Some guys think that yoga makes you less of a man, the truth is it makes you a better one.”

Sometimes it’s the simplest things that are the best. Often times we think that the practice needs all the fancy postures to be ben


A class that combines the grounding and connection of the body (the rock) with the lightness to fly and try new things (star) balanced to


A mix of strong holds and long flows, this class will challenge you from start to finish. Guaranteed to be fun and light, but always an o



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