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Dan Ward

Dan Ward, originally hailing from the northwest suburbs of Chicago, has been practicing yoga in Santa Monica, California for over 20 years. Emerging from a background in acting and theatre, Dan has always been deeply interested in the potential of the present moment as a vehicle for enriching all experience. Life is simply better when you are aware, in the moment and aren’t putting your personal happiness in the hands of others that are beyond your control. Yoga is always happening now (even when you read yoga teacher bios!).

Being of a philosophical bent, Dan Ward looks to understand, or at least contemplate, the bigger questions of who we are and why we are that way, connecting the personal to universal. In yoga, we reflect on our sensations, thoughts, and feelings, developing the connection to our intuitive wisdom. The insights gained here are invaluable as we go about healing and rehabilitating the body. We strengthen it; make it more subtle and responsive. We raise our ‘body intelligence’, our knowing of what is safe, smart and beneficial. We learn to use the body wisely. Whether the practice is on the mellow side or contains acrobatic postures, the focus is the same.

Dan’s classes tend to reach a broad range of people, from teens to older adults, from those with disabilities to professional athletes. As a family man with four daughters, Dan’s vibe is supportive, encouraging, kind, and respectful. Students find themselves put at ease, prepared to explore yoga with the proper attitude in order to achieve the desired result: freedom.

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