Joey Lugassy

Joey Lugassy’s singer/songwriter journey has taken him everywhere from London’s Prog Rock underground to recently walking the red carpet at the Emmy’s after receiving two nominations for best song, to singing on a mountaintop sanctuary for Zen Master, Thich Nhat Hanh. Known for his wide spectrum of genres including rock, soul & sacred, Lugassy’s introspective, slightly quirky lyrics and evocative ballads make one think and feel deeply. Joey’s take on music for yoga fuses his original songs, Sanskrit mantras and uniquely interpreted covers from Bowie and Bon Iver to Peter Gabriel and Radiohead.

Other professional highlights include writing the song, “Today” for an Amnesty International video campaign and composing the rock opera, Adam, currently in pre-production. Based in Los Angeles, Joey Lugassy performs his original songs and leads kirtans all over the world and when stars align, together on retreats with internationally celebrated yoga teacher, poet, artist, and wife, Micheline Berry.

Words, Sanskrit Prayer. Music by Joey Lugassy. The band: Joey Lugassy – Vocals, Harmonium, Deepak Ramapriyan – Violin, Back V


Let’s not take ourselves or our practice too seriously. This challenging and dynamic practice works through different arm balances


Udaya Spotlight

Rudy often describes himself as “obsessed” with yoga and it is clearly evident in his teaching. Utilizing his experiences both on and off the mat, he inspires students to challenge their perceived boundaries while respecting their limitations. As he guides students within the class, he carefully breaks down each movement, finding myopic muscle and energetic actions to achieve the most.
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