Katarina Rayburn

Katarina Rayburn graduated with a Physics degree then trained as an actress in London. It was at this time that she realised how invaluable yoga was in keeping her physically and mentally on point. Discovering a strong and yang style of yoga in London was what got her hooked. She credits practicing ballet as a child through to her teens as bringing a graceful element to her yoga. Katarina went to the Andaman Islands in India and explored the lighter practice of Sivananda yoga. On her return, yoga started to become a much more important part of her life. She returned to India a year later to complete her 200hr Yoga Teacher Training in Ashtanga Vinyasa and Rocket with The Yoga People, who themselves were taught by Larry Schultz, the pioneer of Rocket yoga. Katarina then began teaching yoga full time.  She went on to complete her 100hr advanced Rocket teacher training in Thailand. In 2016 Katarina completed 100hrs of Mandala Vinyasa and Shamanism in India and 55hrs of Yin and Anatomy in Gran Canaria again with The Yoga People, who themselves trained in Yin under Paul Grilley. In 2017 Katarina completed her final 45hrs to bring her up to 500 hours of teacher training with her teachers Jamie and Dulce, The Yoga People. Katarina’s public teaching schedule consists of a mixture of Rocket yoga and the Mandala Vinyasa model in her vinyasa classes, working closely with chakra and elemental theories. Katarina is a 500hr, Yoga Alliance approved, Registered Yoga Teacher.

Sutra 2.46 states that asana should be a steady and comfortable posture. This strong 20 minute flow will get you moving and working hard


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