Lindsay Vandenurk

Resigning from her full time job as a school teacher and taking the leap into teaching yoga full time, Lindsay fearlessly lives her life with passion, curiosity, trust and an open heart. Following the breadcrumbs the universe lays before her, she is a seeker of truth, a dreamer of dreams and a lover of all beings.

Known for her inspirational teaching style and ability to create a safe and sacred space for students to drop in to their practice, Lindsay supports students in finding their own expression of each posture while exploring and flirting with their growing edge. Her classes are a blend of Kripalu/Vinyasa Flow yoga infused with yoga philosophy, technical alignment and her heartfelt humour. Her classes emphasize non-judgmental self-awareness, developing witness consciousness, being present in the moment and the practice of yoga well beyond the yoga mat. What makes Lindsay’s classes so special is how she inspires and educates by sprinkling little bits of philosophy throughout her classes in a way that is understandable and relatable, leaving students floating out of class with not only a deeper understanding of this beautiful and ancient practice but with a deeper understanding of themselves. She has travelled extensively around the globe and draws on these life experiences to bring you a truly multi dimensional practice. Lindsay is a certified Kripalu Yoga teacher as well as the owner and director of Discover Your Yoga in Orangeville, Ontario.

This relaxing and meditative class will explore the power of pranayama and meditation as a way to check in and ground your self when life


Udaya Spotlight

Ever since I can remember, I have been on the search for more, for something greater. Growing up in LA, I never truly felt comfortable in my own skin. I hungered for knowledge and growth through perspectives that differed from myopic western systems. After reading some Alan Watts and Krishnamurti my thirst grew stronger and, although I didn’t know...
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