Melisa Vachon

Melisa Vachon is currently a student in Occupational Therapy at University of Ottawa who enjoys incorporating her yoga teaching into sessions with her clients. As a biologist by trade, she deeply believes in the adaptation of human beings based on varying conditions and environment both within the body and in world around us. Her teaching applies yoga philosophy to traditional rehabilitation in an effort to improve the life quality of her clients by increasing both physical and emotional resilience. Melisa reminds her clients that the practice of yoga takes patience and self-discipline and encourages her students to embrace each session and enjoy each moment of the practice. Laugh, smile, and understand that yoga is truly a practice where students, through striving for greatness, can learn from their mistakes and reach their highest self.

This sweet 20-minute flow class is taught in French. This sequence touches all parts of your body and finishes up with some twists. Grab


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