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Tami Link

Tami Link was introduced to yoga in college by her Kinesiology teacher who taught the study of movement through yoga poses (asana). This also started her interest in the anatomy of yoga and movement. After a couple years of practicing yoga, Tami started practicing Pilates and found it to be a nice compliment and support to her yoga asana practice. She became a certified yoga and Pilates instructor in 2006. With a ceaseless interest in the sciences and art of movement, she designs her classes and sessions with clients to honor the natural design of the human body and to explore movement in a way that is playful, enjoyable, and restorative. She also has a strong interest in what yoga and mindful movement allows us to discover about ourselves — body, mind, heart, soul, spirit, the world around us, and how it all connects. Tami’s hope is to inspire others to mindfully and compassionately support the whole self in a way that enables the pursuit what is meaningful in life.

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