Elle Potter

Elle Potter began her yoga teaching adventure in 2005, and has since studied and practiced predominately Vinyasa, Anusara and Restorative.  From diving into yoga philosophy to geeking out about anatomy and alignment, Elle appreciates all elements of the practice. Believing the most influential teacher a student can ever have is his or her own Self, Elle empowers and inspires students to delve deep, ask questions and laugh when they fall.  Elle is also founder of Yoga Buzz, a St. Louis non-profit that brings all-levels yoga classes and community experiences to unique locations, such as breweries followed by beer tastings or retreats to Italy that meld yoga with wine, food and adventure.  Learn more at www.yogabuzz.org.

In this hour-long Vinyasa practice, get all the building blocks for a “choose your own adventure” experience of the peak pose


Are you taking life too seriously? Imagine this class as “Grown-Up Recess.” This dynamic flow builds upper body strength while openin


When the body encounters stress, whether physical or emotional, it activates the Sympathetic Nervous System, or the “Flight or Fight”


Udaya Spotlight

Ever since I can remember, I have been on the search for more, for something greater. Growing up in LA, I never truly felt comfortable in my own skin. I hungered for knowledge and growth through perspectives that differed from myopic western systems. After reading some Alan Watts and Krishnamurti my thirst grew stronger and, although I didn’t know...
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