Kate Swarm

Kate Swarm is a yoga teacher who travels the world sharing her unique sticky-sweet classes. She has two specialties raising ecstatic vibrations with her electric Yoga Rave dance parties, and offering a soft, gentle come-down in her Honey Flow vinyasa classes.

Kate is also an Event Producer for Walter Yoga, a yoga event production company that uses state of the art light, sound and Burning Man art cars to create fully immersive and mind-blowing yoga classes and yoga raves.

Beyond teaching classes, and planning events, Kate believes she ultimately “holds space”, creating an open and loving environment for people to find union between mind, body, and soul; a practice she started nearly a decade ago as a Birth Doula, supporting expectant moms through childbirth. This inspiring yogini found her daily yoga practice while battling a heart-wrenching diagnosis of infertility. It was through yoga, she found a sense of peace and love for the body she felt had at one point betrayed her. It is this feeling of self-acceptance and wholeness that she wishes to share with her students.



This short and sticky-sweet class will offer you a slow and delicious flow that will get your body buzzing.


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